Yükleniyor Helike in Cappadocia

Get ready to discover the enchanting Fairy Chimneys, the natural wonders of valleys, and the breathtaking beauty of Cappadocia from hundreds of meters above.

Weather permitting, in the early hours of the morning, nearly a hundred hot air balloons will rise into the Cappadocian skies like protective charms, allowing you to ascend with them. As your feet leave the ground, guided by the wind on a route of its own choosing, you become fortunate heroes, soaring like birds towards freedom, happiness, and serenity, welcoming the sunrise in the sky

  • Oda Hizmetçisi/Belboy
    Oda Hizmetçisi/Belboy
  • 24-hour reception
    24-hour reception
  • Free Breakfast
    Free Breakfast
  • Free WIFI
    Free WIFI
  • Bathroom
  • airport transfer
    airport transfer
  • 24-hour business center
    24-hour business center
  • Room service at certain hours
    Room service at certain hours
  • Coffee shop/cafe
    Coffee shop/cafe
  • Parking (fees may apply)
    Parking (fees may apply)
  • Conference area (65 square meters)
    Conference area (65 square meters)

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Our hotel, located in the heart of Uçhisar in Cappadocia, offers service with luxurious cave and stone rooms decorated in a traditional style